Initial PETE Standard 4

NASPE/NCATE Beginner Teacher Standard 4:
Instructional Delivery and Management

Physical education candidates use effective communication and pedagogical skills and strategies to enhance student engagement and learning.

Artifact: EDU 256 Bulletin Board

In EDU 256, Pre-Student Teaching Field Experience, Amanda participated in 60 hours of field experience; 30 hours at the high school level and 30 hours at the middle school level. During this time, Amanda observed and assisted in the instruction of multiple physical education courses. One of the tasks in which she was to complete was a bulletin board. This would be the gift to the host school for allowing her to observe and assist the teachers and students everyday for two weeks. Amanda took on a more health related topic and created a bulletin board about the female athlete triad.  This is a disease that she was familiar with and wanted to make more females aware of it because it is popular in the high school level.  It provided information pertaining to the female body, nutrition, exercising in moderation, where to find more information, and more!