Education Philosophy
As an educator it is my duty to provide a safe and exhilarating learning environment that encourages and inspires students to grow and develop themselves. I strongly believe that teaching is not all about what you are educating your students about, but how you teach to them and deliver the context of what they are learning. A positive attitude is something I believe is a necessity inside the classroom as well as outside of the classroom.
Schools need to be a safe sanctuary where students can feel secure with a sense of belonging. As an educator it is my duty to create that security and belonging within each individual that walks into the doors of my school. I will tend to each student treating them with the respect and understanding while upholding the integrity of my profession I harbor a strong belief in using your own creativity to develop your individuality. Students are in schools to grow as individuals and become higher educated. It is my responsibility and honor to motivate and encourage these students to become more intelligent every day while they create their own identities along the way.
As an educator I have the power to enhance the minds of others. Any educator could teach a simple lesson to a group of students but it is the way the material is delivered that leaves a lasting impression on the students. A classroom is bare until an educator brings it to life with their own creativity. My classroom will always be inviting and alive because when my students walk out of the classroom I never want them to forget the experience or lesson that I have taught them that day.
I strongly believe that attitude effects everything and everyone around you. As an educator you are not only involved in the classroom but throughout the entire school and district as well. I hold myself accountable for keeping a positive attitude and a smile on my face wherever I go. I want to welcome others to my district as well as my classroom because I want to be one of the change agents in their life. Showing my lively personality not only in the classroom but in the hallways and the rest of the school is a strength I value.
Being an educator to me means to enhance the minds of others while motivating them in a positive and reinforcing atmosphere. It is my duty to be a large part of a support system with the means of teaching a young mind something new every day, I will not waste a moment in time while at my school because there is always something to teach to my students and always an opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face.

Physical Education Philosophy

Physical Education is about enhancing the minds and bodies of students through physical movements while guiding these individuals down a path that promotes them to continue a healthy and active lifestyle. Through the basics of physical education people will be open to opportunities such as being competent in a number of skills, working with others in an active environment, being safe while participating in activities and carrying what they have learned in the classroom into their everyday lives. It is my duty as a physical educator to motivate and inspire every individual that crosses my path, not only in the classroom but out of the classroom as well.

I hold true to the belief that the mind is sound when in a sound body. Meaning that I believe the mind and body must both be exercised to achieve total health. A sound mind in a sound body can originally be quoted as the Latin phrase, "Mens sana in corpore sano" from the Roman poet, Juvenal. The connotation of Juvenal's phrase is that every man should pray for physical and mental health as it is a necessity for survival.  I hold the necessary tools and passion to instill this belief into my curriculum to benefit my students. To achieve a healthy mind the body must be healthy as well. As a physical educator it is my duty to be that change agent who motivates and inspires every individual I encounter to live an active and healthy lifestyle. I will inspire my students as I lead by example through maintaining my own fitness life and motivating each individual. My philosophy is that every student leaves my classroom with the motivation and necessary skills and knowledge to carry on a long, healthy and prosperous life.

The phrase "a sound mind in a sound body" is now used all over the educational and health realm. Horace Mann is a historical figure that based his beliefs on this idea.  The phrase is now used as a motto for multiple organizations but one that specificaly stands out to me is that it exists at the Teacher's College of Columbia University where it is engraved on its Horace Mann hall in New York City. Horace Mann believed that educators assumed the responsibility of the moral and mental educating of their students but they were disreguarding the physical aspects and this needed to be addressed through teachings and practices. Like Horace Mann, I am an agent of change and there is no doubt that the physical aspect of education should never be neglected. I will be sure to touch the lives of many with the inspiration to become self motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle through my lessons. In my teachings I will cover many principles. One of which is educating my students through movement about the necessary skills and techniques they will need to execute specific activities correctly. Another principle in my teaching is that I will bring people together to work toward achieving the same goal. I will also be sure to incorporate safety into every activity. Through teaching according to these three principles alone will allow for my students to leave the classroom with the knowledge and competency in numerous skills to carry on activities solo or with multiple people. This will help my students to achieve a sound body.

Although my main focus is the physical aspect of education, I will be sure not to neglect opportunities to incorporate other lessons into my curriculum.  Applying subjects into my lessons such as art, music, geography and math but teaching these topics through movement is a great way to achieve the total mind and body health that I want my students to aquire. Aside from creative lessons I also believe in a creative and exciting classroom. Every classroom may look the same to a student until the teacher chooses to turn it into something different. I will stimulate my students’ minds through creative lessons in a lively classroom. I believe that my students will learn well through a physical environment with the help of a classroom that can catch their attention and hold it throughout the entire lesson. Through enhancing my students’ beliefs in their abilities and fine loco motor movements I believe that they will obtain the knowledge that they need to harbor a sound mind in a sound body.
As a physical educator I view myself as a role model for everyone who I come encountered with. I believe that as an educator you should always practice what you preach and this is why I keep my fitness life flowing. Through achieving a sound mind in a sound body people will be able to develop themselves into wholesome healthy individuals with oceans of opportunities awaiting them anywhere they may go. Physical education is a gateway to a long healthy life full of happiness and it is my duty as a physical educator to enhance the minds and bodies of every individual that crosses my path so they can go on to continue a healthy and active lifestyle on their own.

Coaching Philosophy
My personal coaching philosophy consists of working hard to develop the young minds and bodies of my student athletes into a mature group of individuals with advanced and fine tuned skills. I do wish to deliver my knowledge to my athletes with the purpose of advancing them to the next level. I wish to fine tune and enhance their already existing abilities as well as introduce to them new skills as well as innovative ways that they can incorporate these skills into their game play. Working with student athletes at the middle school/junior high level is what I would prefer but I have a passion to teach anyone and everyone. I am interested in coaching at the junior varsity level because the athletes have already gone through the basic motor skills used in the sport at the modified level and have some knowledge of the game. I would like to be the one to fill their minds with a more advanced style of the sport. I am driven to make a difference in each student’s life through assisting them with goal setting of their own and educating them on how to become better athletes and putting them onto that road of success toward achieving their goals. At the junior varsity level the athletes have left the modified level and are getting ready for the varsity level. I value being a part of the athlete’s lives as they transition to the highest level in interscholastic athletics because when I look back at my experiences as a student athlete it was the coaches that made a difference in my performance on and off the field (mat, court, etc.) that I remember the most. While educating my players about the sport I will also be sure to inhance the personal development of the overall student athlete ouside of athletics. Transitioning from the junior varsity to the varsity level is a stepping stone in any athlete’s career. In this transition I plan to develop my student athletes by educating, motivating, and developing their mind and bodies through sharing my knowledge. Through my knowledge and demonstrating a responsible, disciplined and positive attitude through pure passion and love of the sport I believe I can leave my student athletes with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in the sport as well as on an every day basis.